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We listen. We think. We offer. We act. Do you know exactly what you want? So it shall be. Not too sure on options and need advice? We are here to help.


Time is precious. We value your time. We value our time. There is never a time for bullshit, that's why we are so fast on the software delivery.


We work with the best professionals in the industry, controlling all aspects of software engineering to ensure the best quality and best results are achieved.


We know your project is awesome. That is why we use awesome tools and work with awesome industry specialists to exceed your expectations. "Awesome!" is the feedback we would goal to receive.

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Why us

Fast. Smart. Awesome.

We have specialists with more than 15 years of experience in the software engineering industry. Our specialists are constantly tracking software engineering trends, attending conferences, taking courses and actively contributing in open source software projects. These facts make us the best in decision making process.

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Product development

Should you have a need to digitize your operational workflow or just have an idea for a mobile app - we can make it happen. Very fast. Very smart. Very awesome.


If you already own a software product, we offer consultancy as well. Our top-level consultants can assist you and your team with software engineering, regardless of the project complexity or legacy.


Would you like to get a second opinion on what is going on with your project? Out top-level professionals can assess your software project's code base and provide a comprehensive report on the architecture and code issues, as well as real or potential vulnerabilities of the product.


What we do

You just need to imagine the software of your dreams. We will make it happen.


  • Requirements gathering
  • Business analysis
  • Functional analysis


  • Epic / story / task breakdown
  • Estimation
  • Prioritisation


  • Infrastructure design
  • Architecture design
  • Coding


  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing
  • Performance testing


  • Redistributable packaging
  • Software as a Service & Cloud
  • Continuous integration


  • Defects analysis & bugfixing
  • Performance optimization
  • Scalability


  • Support & Administration
  • Training materials
  • Help desk


  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
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Work process

How we work

We follow agile software engineering processes to make sure all your requirements are satisfied.


Easy as 1, 2, 3...

We are passionate about software engineering so we elaborated 23 steps to ensure the best outcomes of any project. Our team will guide you through these steps and ensure that there are no roadblocks for your software idea to materialize.


Requirements gathering

We will discuss your software idea to understand and draft requirements at the user level. Be prepared to answer tricky questions, but don't worry if you don't know the answer - we will suggest suitable options, explain the differences between them and the impact of choosing one or the other.


Business analysis

We will analyze your idea in detail to reveal possible pitfalls, extract lists of features and dependencies between them. This stage will require immediate interaction with idea stakeholders as we need to confirm we understood you correctly.


Functional analysis

Once we understand your business, it is a great opportunity to review what has been done so far to ensure that the software will provide the best experience for users.


Epic / Story / Task breakdown

We will extract epics, features, stories and tasks out of the requirements we gathered and analyzed for your software idea. While this step usually doesn't require your immediate interaction, it is highly recommended to have you involved in the process as well, so you can easily track progress in the future.



Estimation is a draft evaluation of the length of the project and its timeframes. At this stage estimation is just an estimation, not the commitment, however it will give a very good understanding of resources required for project delivery.



Once the scope of work and timeframes are clear, tasks can be prioritized, i.e. scheduled for execution and delivery.


Infrastructure design

Depending on the nature of the project, we will design the infrastructure required for the project to be delivered. Infrastructure design is specifically important for Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to ensure the software is fast, scalable and reliable.


Architecture design

After considering the infrastructure, the appropriate software architecture will be chosen. Our engineers will make sure that the solution architecture suits needs and will perform well in the software delivered.



Coding is the most exciting part for our engineers, a time when your idea materializes.


Manual testing

At the beginning, the software is tested against requirements manually. Manual testing reveals all the steps necessary for the testing scenarios that could be further automated.


Automated testing

Having test scenarios automated and executed on every small change brings extra confidence in quality and boost development speed.


Performance testing

Performance testing and well as scalability testing allows identification of the critical parameters of the system, and brings extra confidence that system will work under heavy load.


Redistributable packaging

If it is a mobile app, it will be published in the App Store, Windows Store or Google Play. If it is a desktop app, it will be packaged with a self-deploying package. It will have everything that it needs to ensure that app is easy to ship.


Software as a Service & Cloud

If your target is to reach an even broader audience, you always have options to expose your software as a service by hosting it on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or any other cloud service. We can assist with hosting on premises as well.


Continuous integration

Continuous delivery and integration processes we use will help you reduce the time-to-market for your software and new features.


Defects analysis & bugfixing

Let's face it - bugs happen. While we put all the best efforts to make software bug-free, sometimes it is not practicable to foresee certain scenarios. We regularly conduct retrospective analysis to identify and address root causes for these issues.


Performance optimisation

There is always an opportunity to improve the overall performance of the system via different means, not just code. We make sure your system operates in the best performing way.



As your business grows, the systems has to grow and scale as well. Yesterday you might have thought that 1000 users is an unreachable goal, today you need to handle at least 10,000. Let your system grow according to your demands.


Support & Administration

Let us manage your system for you, we have strong technical understanding of the software and can help you solve issues on the fly.


Training materials

Training materials, supportive documentation, manuals and FAQ make your product complete.


Help desk

Be closer to your users via integrated help desks. Let users reach you with their feedback or issues. A strong help desk will indicate a strong business.


Search engine optimisation (SEO)

"Just Google it". Your business will be on top of relevant searches.



We will help your users to Google the right thing!